Goals and Outcomes

Entry-level DPT Students/Graduates

Below are the goals and student learning outcomes for students in the Entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program. Student learning outcomes are measured using a range of measures, including course grades, student participation in extracurricular activities, performance on qualifying assessment exams, surveys administered to current students and alumni, and assessments by employers. Data collected is used in quality improvement efforts related to admissions, clinical education, curriculum evaluation, and faculty and physical resource needs.

To prepare the DPT graduate as an evidence-based, primary care practitioner who:

Goal 1: Promotes health and wellness, examines, evaluates, diagnoses, prognoses, and provides intervention and manages physical therapy services for individuals with movement dysfunction.

  • Student Outcome 1a: Passes the licensing examination.
  • Student Outcome 1b: Provides quality patient/client care at entry level.
  • Student Outcome 1c: Participates in administration of fiscal, human, and environmental resources in a clinical context consistent with regulatory processes.
  • Student Outcome 1d: Provides physical therapy services for prevention, health promotion, fitness and wellness.

Goal 2: Functions in a highly professional, ethical, legal, and culturally-competent manner and demonstrates commitment to society and the profession.

  • Student Outcome 2a: Demonstrates professional behaviors.
  • Student Outcome 2b: Is a lifelong learner.
  • Student Outcome 2c: Demonstrates commitment to the profession.
  • Student Outcome 2d: Collaborates with other health care team members.
  • Student Outcome 2e: Participates in activities for the benefit and education of the public.

Goal 3: Communicates and educates the individual, family, community, and other professionals about rehabilitation, positive health, prevention, and wellness.

  • Student Outcome 3a: Demonstrates effective communication skills.
  • Student Outcome 3b: Demonstrates effective teaching skills.

Goal 4: Critically evaluates and applies evidence as a basis for physical therapy practice, determines the effectiveness of intervention, and contributes to the body of knowledge in physical therapy.

  • Student Outcome 4a: Clearly and concisely presents and applies scientific information to evidence-based practice.


To attract and retain program faculty who:

Goal 1: Participate in one or more areas of scholarship: discovery, integration, practice, or teaching.

  • Faculty Outcome 1a: Demonstrate a record of mentorship and dissemination, including publications, presentations, and grants, consistent with each faculty member’s home university requirements.

Goal 2: Engage in service activities that benefit the universities, community, and physical therapy profession.

  • Faculty Outcome 2a: Provide leadership and other contributions to the university, professional organizations, and community.

Goal 3: Demonstrate excellence in teaching and/or clinical practice using evidence-based instructional strategies and clinical care.

  • Faculty Outcome 3a: Demonstrate currency and competency in teaching and/or clinical practice in areas of expertise.

Goal 4: Model ethical and professional behaviors for students.

  • Faculty Outcome 4a: Serve as mentors and role models for students.
  • Faculty Outcome 4b: Engage with students and other professionals in an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and reflective environment for practice, learning, and discovery.


To offer a program that:

Goal 1: Is a national leader, training doctors of physical therapy for evidence based, collaborative clinical practice.

  • Program Outcome 1a: Is nationally recognized.
  • Program Outcome 1b: Attracts the highest quality students and ensure a diverse student body.
  • Program Outcome 1c: Maintains a high graduation rate and licensing exam pass rate for students.
  • Program Outcome 1d: Has graduates who are employed as physical therapists within six months of licensure.
  • Program Outcome 1e: Has graduates who pursue continuing education, including residencies, fellowships, and advanced clinical training.

Goal 2: Prepares academic doctoral students for leadership roles in advanced clinical practice, basic, clinical and translational research, and academic programs in health care.

  • Program Outcome 2a: Has graduates who find employment in advanced clinical practice, academic institutions, and/or research.
  • Program Outcome 2b: Has graduates who maintain an active publishing and presentation record.
  • Program Outcome 2c: Has graduates who participate in professional organizations.

Goal 3: Promotes faculty and student engagement in basic science, clinical, and translational research and supports dissemination of new knowledge.

  • Program Outcome 3a: Maintains and/or increases extramural funding research program.
  • Program Outcome 3b: Conducts scholarly activity and disseminates results at local, state, national, and international levels.

Goal 4: Models best practice in patient care, provides clinical education for students and continuing education for practicing rehabilitation specialists, and encourages evidence based practice in the profession.

  • Program Outcome 4a: Performs quality assessment of clinical competency to ensure best clinical practice.
  • Program Outcome 4b: Attracts, hires, and retains trained clinical educators with clinical specialty/certifications and previous experience working with students and patient populations.
  • Program Outcome 4c: Promotes professional development of staff and students.
  • Program Outcome 4d: Sponsors CEU-approved continuing education programs for practicing physical therapists and other health care practitioners.

Goal 5: Promotes the physical therapy profession, and provides health care education, outreach, and clinical care to the general population, including the underserved.

  • Program Outcome 5a: Expands and supports students’ and faculty members’ activities in community-based, cross-disciplinary university-community partnerships.
  • Program Outcome 5b: Develops outreach activities for students and faculty to address areas of community need.