March News from Mission Bay!

On Friday, February 16, David Acevedo received his 10-year service recognition at the UCSF Health Service Milestones Celebration at Mission Bay’s Oberndorf Auditorium. David is a Practice Coordinator in the Mission Bay Outpatient Faculty Practice, and before accepting a career position 10 years ago, David started with UCSF as a temp and worked his way through several departments doing all and sundry admin jobs. Over the years,David has built up a vast network of colleagues who have become invaluable in assisting him with his passion for helping patients. David's manager, Calvin Coats, attended the celebration with David, and a good time was had by all. Kudos to UCSF HR & UCSF Events staff for putting on such a fun presentation. Service recognition awards were given from 10 all the way up to 45 years of service! When David is not helping our physical therapy patients, he is an award-winning producer & director in the local San Francisco theater and arts scene.

Thank you & congratulations to Practice Assistant CJ Pasion for being chosen as the new huddle captain! The captain is responsible for making sure that the meetings stay on track and that hosts are assigned ahead of time with back-up plans in place.

UCSF outpatient physical therapists Rami Weinberg and Danny Keller are currently working with a specialty team of UCSF orthopaedic surgeons and prosthetists to innovate the first protocols for rehabilitation for osseous integrated prosthetics in the United States.
-- Calvin Coats and Lowen Cattolico