High Intensity for PD

An integrative exercise program with intense exercise has been proven to provide benefits to people with Parkinson’s disease. High Intensity for PD is a circuit training program that offers an intense exercise regiment to patients with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease. Learn More.

Stand Tall

A group class directed by UCSF physical therapist faculty to improve posture, strength and physical performance, with potentially long-term reduction in risk of fractures in addition to providing social benefits and peer support. Learn More.

Taekwondo for Parkinson's Disease

A fun and engaging class to improve confidence with larger movements.  Higher intensity exercises have been shown to decrease symptoms of Parkinson's, and the class aims to provide a fun and challenging environment to help people of all levels. No previous experience with martial arts necessary. Taught by a UCSF physical therapist with over 25 years martial arts experience. Contact us.

Balance Fit

Balance Fit is a group exercise program designed by physical therapists to address balance, coordination, strength, and mental flexibility. Connect with others in our community and improve  your quality of life. Learn More.

Individualized Physical Therapy Consultation

Work one on one with a physical therapist to acheive your goals for fitness, function or performance. Start with an individual evaluation to identify any strength, endurance , flexibility, balance, coordination or functional limitations, and address them with a comprehensive plan. Contact us.