Tuition & Fees

2017-18 Tuition & Fees for DPT Program


Tuition & Fees (paid to UCSF)* - Resident/Non-resident

CA Resident Fall Winter Spring Annual
   Student Services Fee $376 $376 $376 $1,128
   Tuition $3,834 $3,834 $3,834 $11,502
   Community Centers Facilities Fee $50 $50 $49 $149
   Graduate and Professional Student Association $9 $9 $9 $27
   Associated Students of Physical Therapy $2 $2 $2 $6
   Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition** $4,325 $4,325 $4,325 $12,975
   Student Health Insurance*** $1,677 $1,676 $1,676 $5,029
CA Resident Total $10,273 $10,272 $10,271 $30,816
Non-Resident Fall Winter Spring Annual
   Student Services Fee $376 $376 $376 $1,128
   Tuition $3,834 $3,834 $3,834 $11,502
   Community Centers Facilities Fee $50 $50 $49 $149
   Graduate and Professional Student Association $9 $9 $9 $27
   Associated Students of Physical Therapy $2 $2 $2 $6
   Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition** $4,447 $4,447 $4,447 $13,341
   Non-resident Supplemental Tuition $4,082 $4,082 $4,081 $12,245
   Student Health Insurance*** $1,677 $1,676 $1,676 $5,029
Non-resident Total $14,477 $14,476 $14,474 $43,427

*Fees are subject to change without notice.

**If students apply for financial aid and demonstrate need, students may be eligible to receive grants and/or loans. UCSF sets aside 33% of revenue generated from the approved fee increases to mitigate the impact of higher fees and other costs on students with financial need.

***If you already have health insurance, you may qualify to waive out of the Student Health and Counseling Insurance Plan. If you do not have health insurance, you will be required to enroll in the Student Health and Counseling Insurance Plan.

Summer Tuition & Fees* - Resident/Non-resident

CA Resident 1st Summer (paid to UCSF) 2nd Summer (paid to SFSU) 3rd Summer (paid to SFSU)
UCSF Registration Fee $4,810 $0 $0
UCSF Health Insurance Premium $1,086 $0 $0
UCSF Student Health Fee $237 $0 $0
SFSU Tuition Fee $0 $3,369 $3,369
SFSU Student Body Center Fee $0 $38 $38
SFSU Recreation and Wellness Center Fee $0 $42 $42
SFSU Student Body Association Fee $0 $25 $25
SFSU Student Health Service Fee** $0 $73 $73
SFSU Instructionally Related Activities Fee $0 $9 $9
Campus Service ID Card Fee $36 $2 $2
CA Resident Total $6,169 $3,558 $3,558
Additional Non-resident Fees $0 $372/unit $372/unit
Non-resident Total $6,169 $5,790 $5,418


*Fees are subject to change without notice.

**Does not include student health insurance.

Additional Costs

Students will incur some additional costs once enrolled in the program, specifically related to clinical education. They include:

Requirement Cost
APTA Student Membership $103 for each year in the program
Liability Insurance $50 for three years
CPR Certification Cost varies by location. Ranges from $70 to $100 for a 2-year certification. Students must maintain active certification for the three years of the program.
Certified Background Service $72 for three years. If a student requires additional testing: $35 for additional drug test; $42 for additional background check.
Health Examinations & Immunizations Cost varies depending on student's health insurance plan. If a student enrolled in the UCSF Student Health Insurance Plan, these immunizations will be at no additional cost.
Clinical Experience Approximately $3, 000 per student. Students are responsible for all costs related to clinical experiences which may include but are not limited to: relocation, transportation, housing, meals, attire, documentation, physical examinations, health requirements, and insurance.

Refund Policies

The refund policies for UCSF and SFSU can be found by following these links:

Financial Aid

Financial aid is provided to students through UCSF. More information can be found on the UCSF Student Financial Aid page.

Other resources:


The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education’s (WICHE) Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) enables students in 10 western states to enroll in selected out-of-state professional programs usually because those fields of study are not available at public institutions in their home states. They pay reduced levels of tuition: for most students, resident tuition in public institutions or reduced standard tuition at private schools. The home state pays a support fee to the admitting school to help cover the cost of students' education.

Residents of the following Supporting States are encouraged to apply for WICHE funding:

  • Alaska (AK)
  • *Nevada (NV) (contact NV state office for more information)
  • Hawaii (HI)
  • Wyoming (WY)

Applicants must apply for certification to their home state prior to October 15, the year prior to admission. Some states have earlier deadlines; for the most current information and links to your home state’s application, visit . Students awarded for support pay reduced tuition. State certification does not guarantee support because many times the number of qualified applicants exceeds the funds available to a state’s residents. When this is the case, funds are offered first to the most qualified applicants, determined by a state cohort ranking of all the applicants with offers at any participating WICHE program in the student’s chosen field.

Additional information can be found here:​

Cost of Living

The results of the student cost of living survey have been compiled into an interactive format and made available on the website of The Office of Institutional Research.