Congratulations Janella Leano

Congratulations to Janella Leano, SPT, Class of 2020, on being the first UCSF/SFSU DPT student elected to serve on the UCSF Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Executive Council. Janella will serve as Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Janella has been involved in student government in both her undergraduate and graduate education. In her words: “If I feel like someone doesn't have a voice, I strive to make them heard. As an undergraduate, I chose to be in student government at UCSD every year so that I could make sure students had their voices heard by faculty and staff. At UCSF, the UCSF/SFSU physical therapy program is the least represented on campus, so I wanted to be sure that we were heard despite our small size. That is why I joined GPSA as a physical therapy student representative and later chose to run for Vice President of Internal Affairs. I hope this is a small step to becoming a more significant part of UCSF's community. Although we are a joint program, we do have an important presence on the UCSF campuses and I wanted to make sure that we are represented and treated as equals.”

In addition to her GPSA responsibilities, Janella works for the First Generation Support Services, because as a First Gen student herself, she wants to ensure that her community has a smooth transition into graduate school. Janella also works with Basic Needs and Food Security to make sure that students have access to food and events despite limited income. Janella hopes to continue her advocacy efforts as a student and after she graduates. She is specifically interested in PT legislation for canine rehab, to ensure that physical therapists who treat animals receive adequate and fair representation in California.