Drs. Pawlowsky and Noonan Present Community Workshop

Core faculty member Dr. Sarah Pawlowsky and alumna Dr. Emily (Hellmuth) Noonan (Class of 2011) taught a community workshop at the Spring Convention for the Northern California Association of Mothers of Twins Clubs in Burlingame on April 21. Both Dr. Pawlowsky and Dr. Noonan are mothers of twins, and have been part of the San Francisco Parents of Multiples Group, which hosted the convention. The workshop, “Strengthen Your Core and Pelvic Floor So You Can Play More,” educated participants on the importance of regaining control of their core and pelvic floor muscles post-partum, and gave Drs. Pawlowsky and Noonan the opportunity to demonstrate exercises that could be incorporated into busy daily routines. Dr. Pawlowsky and Dr. Noonan explained the role of physical therapists in orthopedics and pelvic health, and answered questions about when participants should consider working with a physical therapist to address pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.