Student Perspectives on Grand Rounds Experiences

Every student in the UCSF/SFSU Graduate Program in Physical Therapy is required to attend 30 Grand Rounds and Seminars of their choosing throughout their third year. Students are encouraged to discuss topics from Grand Rounds with their peers and professional colleagues to facilitate interdisciplinary communication and interaction between DPT students and professionals in other health care disciplines.

Here are just a few of the many comments from students that illustrate the breadth of their interprofessional experiences:

Advances in the Basic and Clinical Science of Migraine

  • “Prior to this talk, I had no idea that migraines affected such a large percentage of the population—being second only to dental caries in the list of all health disorders and the 8th leading cause of time off due to disablement.”

Congenital torticollis lecture

  • “I found it extremely interesting and informative for helping treat patients with congenital torticollis and great ideas for parent education and evaluation. I feel a lot more comfortable going into a treatment or evaluation with this type of patient since at least I know the background and have some ideas on techniques that might be effective.”

Ebola – Stories from the Front

  • “After this talk, I had a really hard time resuming my normal activities and being immersed in the swarm of student rushing from one “important” thing to the next, when there are individuals fenced off from the rest of their community for exposure, and ebola’s victims quarantined in basic, uncomfortable ebola units, isolated from their loved ones and receiving little help.”

Recovery from the 2011 Triple Threat Japanese Disaster

  • “It [highlighted] for me my desire to stay informed about global healthcare, and to be aware of possibilities through which I may be able to get involved in global healthcare at some point in the future.”

Enabling Precision Medicine at UCSF

  • “I can also help track patient outcomes consistently and methodically to contribute to an even broader and more accurate collection of measures to assist in clinical decision making.”

State of the Department of Medicine

  • “Even though I’m not part of the Department of Medicine, it was great to attend this grand round and listen to the achievements of the department. Hearing some of the stories and individual achievements made me really proud to be part of this university. I feel especially privileged that the PT department has a good relationship with the medical students and have some collaboration in the anatomy lab. Furthermore, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to TA for the medical students and be a standardized patient for them to practice their musculoskeletal skills.”