Patricia Tobase, PT, DPT, OCS

Professor, UCSF

Phone: (415) 353-7598
Email: [email protected]
Mailing: UCSF, Box 0625, San Francisco, CA 94143


  • BS, Physical Therapy, New York University, NY, 1990
  • t-DPT, Physical Therapy, Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Professionals, Boston, MA, 2007



Dr. Tobase is an American Physical Therapy Association board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist. She graduated from New York University in Physical Therapy and received her tDPT from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Professionals. She applies an evidence-based and patient-centered approach to physical therapy examination and intervention to patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal challenges. Dr. Tobase has experience with adult and pediatric patients, and specialty areas such as women’s health. Dr. Tobase is also involved in clinical research for people with bleeding disorders and was named Physical Therapist of the Year by the National Hemophilia Foundation in 2007. Dr. Tobase lectures in the graduate program in Physical Therapy at SFSU/UCSF in the area of orthopedics. In addition, Dr. Tobase is an invited speaker at local, national and international meetings and conferences in the area of physical therapy and bleeding disorders. She is an active member of Golden Gate District continuing education committee.


  • PT743: Musculoskeletal Pathokinesiology


Dr. Tobase's area of expertise is in the area of musculoskeletal examination and physical therapy intervention in the pediatric and adult populations. Her work at UCSF has led her into the area of specialty care for people with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia. Dr. Tobase is involved with the bleeding disorders patients throughout their lifespan, which allows her to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for optimal participation.


  • Musculoskeletal issues in people with bleeding disorders
  • Physical therapy interventions in people with bleeding disorders
  • Physical activity in people with bleeding disorders


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