Topics for Further Discussion

Below is a list of topics initially identified by community members of the UCSF Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science to prompt further discussion, learning, and action. We plan to integrate these topics into our department and will be adding more as the process develops. To suggest a topic or to get involved, please email Dr. Kai Kennedy at [email protected].

  • Advocating for Policy Change to Advance Health Equity
  • Intersectionality of Race and Gender
  • Talking to Family and Friends About Anti-Racism
  • Anti-racism in Community Service
  • Anti-racist Curriculum in Health Professions Education
  • Systems-Thinking and Racial Justice
  • Policing Disparities in My Local Community
  • Anti-Racism/Decolonization Theory in Global Health Missions
  • Identifying, Discussing, and Dismantling Bias (readings, sharing personal experiences)
  • Race in the Physical Therapist Profession