Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there a charge for use of the NCRR?

  • Yes, the fee structure is based on a two-tiered system. More information can be found on the Services page.

2) Does the NCRR provide housing for animals?

  • Yes, the NCRR offers housing, immediately adjacent to rooms where behavioral testing is conducted. This housing is limited to those animals undergoing testing within the NCRR. Transfer of animals to this housing must follow LARC guidelines. Housing costs are determined by LARC and are consistent with a per diem for housing in a transgenic facility.

3) Do I need IACUC approval for every behavioral test?

  • Yes, every behavioral test you plan to use has to be on your IACUC-approved protocol.

4) Does the NCRR perform testing for me?

  • No. The NCRR staff will show you how to use the instrumentation so that you will be able to carry out the tests yourself.