DPT Learner Georgina Janet Orozco Wins Rizing Tide Foundation Crest Scholarship

Georgina Janet Orozco, a learner in the UCSF/SFSU Graduate Program in Physical Therapy, has been awarded the full Crest Scholarship from the Rizing Tide Georgina Janet OrozcoFoundation, an organization dedicated to creating a more racially diverse and inclusive physical therapy workforce.

Orozco is one of ten exceptional graduate students representing diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds who are enrolled in Doctor of Physical Therapy programs across the United States who has been chosen to receive full Crest scholarships. Full scholarship recipients will receive up to $14,000, facilitating the coverage of tuition, room and board, textbooks, and other essential expenses for the upcoming academic year. This scholarship is renewable annually until a scholar's graduation, provided they maintain outstanding academic levels.

"The Rizing Tide Beachcomber selection committee undertook a monumental task of selecting these 20 Crest scholars from the finalist pool this year," said Dr. Emmanuel Fajardo, PT, DPT, a Rizing Tide Beachcomber and regional director of rehabilitation services for Kaiser Permanente, Northern California. "We look forward to witnessing the ripple effect these emerging industry frontrunners will create in the physical therapy field. With the ambitions and dedication of this third fleet of Crest scholars, we firmly believe that the future of our profession is promising, and our pride in their accomplishments knows no bounds."

Prospective candidates are invited to apply for the next Crest scholarship cycle, which opens in March 2024. Rizing Tide also provides scholarships for licensed DPTs who are pursuing a residency program in the U.S. The application window for the Surge scholarship is currently open. To learn more about the Rizing Tide Foundation and its scholarship programs or to apply, please visit: www.rizing-tide.com.