April 16, 2019

On Saturday April 7th, over 300 kids from all over the Bay Area came to the UCSF's 16th Annual High School Outreach Conference. Members from the DPT1 and DPT2 classes engaged students in fun and functional activities including squat mechanics and balance activities to promote physical therapy. For many of these students, the HSOC was their first exposure to physical therapy, and we have no doubt they were inspired to reach for the stars (with good body mechanics)!

April 16, 2019

The Coalition for Disability Access in Health Science and Medical Education had their annual symposium in Washington D.C this April for faculty, Dean’s, disability service providers, and advocates who work with students in Health Sciences and Medical education at Universities across the country. Raziel Rizzo, from the Class of 2020, was selected to speak on a student panel to share her personal experiences with advocacy, creating allies, and education within the realm of students with disabilities pursuing degree’s in health sciences.

April 12, 2019

This April our very own second year DPT student Jordan Waite attended and presented at The Experimental Biology Meeting in Orlando, Florida alongside Dr. Topp, Dr. Smoot, Dr. Farkas, and Dr. Harmon. He was able to present his research on: Assessing Determinants of Musculoskeletal Anatomy Success in First-year Physical Therapy Students. During the conference he was able to expand his knowledge within the community of anatomy and education, which he is eager to continue pursuing.