February 01, 2021

The Inside UCSF 2021 application is now open! The UCSF Department of Physical Therapy is excited to invite you to apply and learn more about our Doctorate in Physical Therapy. This is an opportunity for current students interested in an inside look at UCSF’s graduate programs to attend a two-day event highlighting education and career possibilities. There is no cost to selected applicants.

December 23, 2020

To read about our Program's 75 year history, click here. We look forward to our continued service to our community and what the future holds for our University, Department, and Academic Programs! 



December 07, 2020

Please take a moment to read the recent UCSF News which celebrates a discovery by Drs. Susanna Rosi, Karen Krukowski and Peter Walter! Using an experimental drug, ISRIB, researchers discovered a rapid restoration of youthful cognitive abilities in aged mice, accompanied by a rejuvenation of brain and immune cells that could help explain improvements in brain function. Read more here:

November 12, 2020

Join our UCSF Physical Therapists for a live online information session on bone health.

We will discuss the current evidence on physical therapy interventions to promote optimal bone density, and the recommendations for strengthening, stretching and fall prevention. A question and answer session follow the presentation.