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Student Handbook

All current students are required to familiarize themselves with the DPT Student Handbook and to comply with all policies and procedures outlined within. A revised version of the Handbook is published at the start of each academic year.

DPT Student Handbook 2022-2023 Academic Year

Registration Policies and Deadlines

Students are required to pay fees and file a study list each quarter in order to be considered a registered student. For more information, see the websites of the SF State Registrar's Office and UCSF Office of the Registrar.

Student Disability Services

It is our experience that a number of individuals with disabilities (as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended) are qualified to study and practice physical therapy with the use of reasonable accommodations. To be qualified for the UCSF/SFSU Doctor of Physical Therapy program, those individuals must be able to meet both the academic standards and the technical standards of the program, with or without reasonable accommodations.

We encourage students to engage in a conversation early with Student Disability Services and the DPT Program to discuss what accommodations might be possible given the program requirements. For further information regarding services and resources for students with disabilities and/or to request accommodations, please see UCSF Student Disability Services.


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The program is proud to reach the Gold Level for the Reach 100% Student Membership Challenge sponsored by the APTA.